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If there is an issue that needs to be dealt with, focus on fixing it or doing something about it – but without reacting to it. According to research studies, people who do this have better mental health, tend to feel more positive and have more positive outcomes in life than those who use emotion-focused coping.

For example, if someone does something that bothers you, tell this person, but don’t ruminate or think about it afterwards.

As soon as a worrying thought pops into your head, let it go.

Realise that it is just that – a thought or a mental event that will pass just like many others did.

And, with the world of online dating and smartphone apps like Tinder, this sorts of thing is becoming increasingly common - with some Catfishers not looking anything like their profile pictures.

One Hooters bar has gone viral for a sign designed to save women on bad dates, or protect them if a first meeting turns scary.

But it is possible to overcome anxiety and date successfully. People with anxiety tend to worry about what might go wrong in a situation and fear that they will do or say something to embarrass themselves.

Maybe you’ve just met someone, but are worried that your anxiety will ruin it all.

The poster, which is up in the ladies' toilets in some of their restaurants in South Africa, is aimed at those on awful first dates - who are too panicked to openly ask for help.

All the lady has to do is order a special shot - either neat, with ice or with lime - and the 'discreet' rescue plan will be put into action. "NEAT: Your bartender will escort you to your vehicle.

People with anxiety can be highly self-critical, tend to overestimate the likelihood that something negative will happen, and often feel that others are judging them.

Sometimes, just thinking about a social situation can induce panic attacks, which are sudden spikes of intense anxiety that peak within a few minutes and feel like you’re about to have a heart attack, lose control, or go mad.

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  2. The pressure is on for you to be perceived as the person that someone that you do not know wants you to be. Some feel entitled to make you do what they want – after all, they are paying for their time with you.