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Much like Memento you really have to see it all the way through to fully appreciate the true genius of it, to understand how any missteps from Nolan along the way could have unraveled his whole story. There are really only three roles of any significance in the film, maybe four if you're being generous.

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One day, a glib and self-confident man whom Bill has been following confronts him.

He's Cobb, a burglar who takes Bill under his wing and shows him how to break and enter.

The most obvious parallel is the nonlinear time structure as the story here unfolds completely out of order. At the end, in the beginning, somewhere in the middle, back to the end again..really could have been a jumbled mess.

Whereas the story in Memento proceeded more or less in a straight line which just happened to be moving backwards here there is no line at all. But Nolan gives us a little assistance in orienting ourselves with the shifting appearance of his main character.

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