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Cover – Every wildlife species visiting your yard has specific cover requirements.

Providing an abundance of common cover categories will appeal to the broadest array of wildlife species.

That’s before you get to great touches like his old recliner (crucial to that overall heart), his dog Eddie and his love of Ballantine beer. “It was an accident.” Niles: [applying paper towels] It was an accident, I saw him step on it. [squirts oil all over Frasier’s shirt and face] THIS is malicious!

There are countless terrific clips and compilations of Martin Crane over the years, but here are 12 of the character’s best moments: 12: The minute and a half of back-and-forth crying: On most shows, 90 seconds of characters crying back and forth at each other would sound terrible. Frasier: Niles, you know as well as I do there are no accidents! I suggest you dig deep into the twisted caves of your subconscious, where malicious acts abide, clothed in the robes of plausible excuses!

"World Famous" messaging often appears on upper of these kicks, a justifiable statement considering how Supreme x Nike collabs push the culture forward.

Here's your chance to own a piece of history that'll only enhance your wardrobe.

This episode’s great because it has the hilarity of the first argument, the hilarity crossed with serious emotions of the second one, and the eventual makeup, where Martin buys Frasier a nice new chair, and Frasier remakes the old one at tremendous expense.

Birdbaths and water misters are readily used by birds and butterflies.

Backyard ponds or water gardens provide habitat for aquatic and semiaquatic animals and are attractive backyard landscape features.

Food – There are a variety of bird, mammal, amphibian, reptile, and insect species that may want to call your backyard home.

While each species has specific food requirements, providing an abundance of each major food category will appeal to the broadest array of wildlife species.

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