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There is always something new to see or a neighbor to chat it up with.Too often we get caught up online or in our cars, and we forget to appreciate what is just outside our homes.Explore the small towns around Ogden, take the time to read the historical markers and take the dirt roads, you might just learn something amazing.

Substitute cheerios, grapes cut in half, a thawed bag of frozen peas or corn, or kale, romaine or other leafy greens (not iceberg lettuce) Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest and what better way to rest than in a hot mineral spring?Check out my guide to brunch here: You guys, have you seen those mountains? I am always surprised when I am hiking, and I don’t see anyone else, why are there not 70,000 people on the trails at all times?Ok, 70,000 people on the trails at once would be horrible, but I still think some of you aren’t taking full advantage of this wonderland of adventure we have going on here.There are some fabulous local places that serve up some killer brunch specials and, of course, some fabulous bloody Marys and mimosas as well.Gather up your friends and head out to your favorite spot to laugh, drink and eat before slipping back into your pajamas to wait for the Walking Dead to come on.

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