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You might remember some similar looks from their Sigma range of inexpensively priced pistols.Having stripped both guns, I can tell you that the guts look mostly the same between the two.Based on the TTAG reader survey, it looks like our readers want to read more about budget minded guns.

The SD ships in a cardboard box, but you get two — yes — chrome-finished magazines that glide smoothly in the magazine well. This is a budget firearm with the “budget” in all the right places.So I'm going to stick my neck out and predict that there's going to be a lot of lobbying money spent to ensure that this situation continues ...and that in the radiant Randian libertarian future, all self-driving cars will be owned by limited liability shell companies.Run the guard over while they're off-shift: max three years.) However, because the culprit in this case is a corporation, the worst outcome they will experience is a fine.The soi-disant "engineers" responsible for the autopilot software experience no direct consequences of moral hazard. Firstly, it's apparent that the current legal framework privileges corporations over individuals with respect to moral hazard.

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Two months ago, because they'd never hit anyone, the driver downgraded from the "gold package" to a less-effective "silver package".

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