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Not many other sites can connect you with thousands of singles from Korea and across the world.Whether you’re looking for love locally or internationally, we bring Korea to you no matter where in the world you may be.The result is “uncertain, dirty and imperfect,” with scratches on the surface while the bleaching process creates an eerie green border (that can eat away at the image if applied imprecisely).One night in 1994, Ahn Myeong-Cheol’s world was flipped upside down.Now living in the South, she still struggles to identify herself to her South Korean neighbors.

Lee So-yeon had joined the army voluntarily, hoping for a better future, regular meals and a chance to join the Worker’s Party. The famine had reached deep into the military, and recruits were fed only half-rations mixed with wild grass, while sexual harassment and abuse were a daily threat.

Those who escape exchange their country’s near-total isolation for the headiness of freedom. It was this disordered transition that Tim Franco, a photographer who splits his time between South Korea and China, decided to explore in a new portrait series called “Unperson.” A riff on an Orwellian construct from the novel “1984,” his work examines the “vaporization” of the defectors’ past, which has left many in limbo, free but incomplete.

“[North Korea] is their home, they left people behind,” Mr. “Even if they live in a modern country, they will never be completely happy in South Korea.” An artist, a concert pianist and a political prison camp guard who is still haunted by his own brutality are among those who sat for Mr. Their testimonials vary in detail, but most share a shade of regret.

Fitting into a new society can be painful; distrust and indifference make it difficult to find work. Franco said, many defectors are forced to capitalize on their escape by writing books or appearing on TV shows. Franco translated this exploration of identity into the photographic process itself.

Working with an old wooden 4x5 camera, Fuji instant film and a series of chemical procedures, Mr.

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