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I found your basic lighters and matches but also came across a 10×12 drop cloth used for painting which is compact and perfect for .

If you were taking the challenge or had very little money, one of the chef’s knives for a dollar would make a serviceable survival knife.

Sometimes these are repairable or may not even have anything wrong with them in the first place.

Apartment dumpsters around the end of the month are usually pretty good to hit.

Aluminum, brass and copper still bring decent money and dumpsters are full of the stuff.

Dumpsters are a gold mine of free prepping supplies, or things you can sell to buy those supplies.

These stores buy expired, close to expiring, damaged and overstock groceries by the truckload and make them available to the public. Ours is similar to a regular grocery with its aisles only on the small side.

The still air ones do not work well (that is why they are in thrift stores). Camo and used BDU’s can be had if you look hard enough. I have seen where it looks like someone’s crazy prepper uncle died and the relatives donated all his books.You might get real lucky and have a friend who happens to work at the dump, and allows you to wander around looking for things during working hours.In all this just keep an eye out for things you can use or sell.Tutoring is provided by HCC personnel in order to ensure that it is contextual and appropriate for our students taking our classes.If you're looking for an on-campus tutor, please click here to find a tutor.

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Business dumpsters are usually full of cardboard; if you have a use for that, you can get all you want for free.

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