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Nevertheless, you can’t formulate a plan of attack until you get conformation a big buck is in the area - day or night.

So start by capturing the image first, then move on.

Look for pinch points and funnels that will drive deer to your salt block and ultimately your trail camera.

If you live in agricultural areas then field edges are a great place to start.

The only thing needed is a little attractant to get the ball rolling.

Even if you like to track spring gobblers during this time of year (and who doesn’t) you can still kick off your trail camera tour.

As soon as the leaves start to gobble up the landscape buck antlers will start growing and they will naturally seek out salt and other minerals.

Does and fawns will also be attracted to these sites and capturing them on camera is a great way to determine how many new deer have been added to the herd as well as how many does are in the area.

A camera hung somewhere along my entry and exit route means I can check it on days that I hunt without disturbing the bucks I am chasing before the hunt.

This also allows me to decide if the area I am hunting is worth coming back to or if I should pull up stakes and move on.

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