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Once the punishment was at an end, the tearful girl was sent back to her desk and was required to sit with her bare, sore bottom pressed into the hard wood.Teacher's Pet This is another of the requested, never before seen, videos featuring Amber Pixie Wells.Before coming to this school, Mia had little to no experience with corporal punishment.

Once the spanking was over, the little genius was placed in the corner with her bare bottom on display; a humiliation she had never before experienced.As prefect of her esteemed house, Gianna was aware that corporal punishment given to one such as she would be rather severe.As with Mia, Gianna was instructed to lift her skirt, lower her panties, and bend over the desk.Pixie already knew her punishment was to be a spanking.Soon, she found herself over Miss Genesis' lap with the angry principal spanking the brat with all of her might.

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Soon after she felt the first kiss of the strap across her bare bottom, the tears started to flow.

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