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Artisan and his team have been interviewed by Fox 13, ABC News Nightline, CNN and MTV.Artisan is extremely passionate about teaching men how to have amazing success with women and will make sure you get the success that you want.Many guys are fed up with dressing outrageously while trying to meet women using such types of club game.However, mystery method does work, but most men complain that they feel disingenuous, or manipulative, and the interesting thing is that they rarely seem to get the results that they wanted in their dating life. He will make the prettiest girl in the room, melt in his presence. Matt Artisan is the leading expert in transforming the lives of men and empowering them to create authentic relationships. He may not be the loudest guy, but when he speaks, people listen. He is so sure of himself, it seems like he could stare down a bull.An increasing number of men are realizing that memorizing and learning “lines” and “routines” or “scripts” just isn’t them.They have also notice that meeting women that way rarely leads to happy relationships, because once the girl gets to know you the facade starts crumbling, and she will often lose attraction.

If you have read Mystery’s book titled, “The Venusian Arts Handbook,” then you will be familiar with the breakdown of the phases of courtship being: A1 (Attract 1) – Opening A2 (Attract 2) – Female to male interest (generating attraction) A3 (Attract 3) – Male to female interest (qualify the target in order to show reasons for your attraction to her) C1 (Comfort 1) – Comfort and Connection with your target C2 (Comfort 2) – Trust with the girl you are seducing C3 (Comfort 3) – Intimacy with the girl you are picking up S1 (Seduction 1) – Arousal S2 (Seduction 2) – LMR (Last Minute Resistance) S3 (Seduction 3) – Sex Since becoming popularized in the mass media you may be concerned, or wondering if such ‘tactics’ have become less effective.

This very much appears to be the case, especially for guys who are just starting out..

with reports coming in of them being ‘busted’ in the field for using lines from The Pickup Artist, or ‘acting like one of those pickup artist guys’.

His presence is so powerful, women are attracted without him even saying a word.

As one of the preeminent gurus in the dating community, Artisan’s specialties range from advanced dating techniques and day game mastery; to deep inner confidence, phone/text game and speed seduction.

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Mystery is known more recently from co-hosting VH1’s The Pickup Artist, with JDOG, and Matador.

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