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She goes on to tell the Madison that shes actually looking forward to the valentine date with her dad more than she did with her boyfriend.

She also tells Madison that she thinks that her mom is a bit jealous that dad is going out with Haley instead of mom. Haley thanks her dad for going out with her and making her forget about the boyfriend.

Haley and dad dances really close and their lips even touches and they kiss a little while dancing They dont talk much, maybe just some compliments to each other. She could hear them kiss but cant see them that good. John then picks up Madison in his arms and they dance a little more. Haley still straddles John but turns around and thanks her mom for letting her go out with daddy and that she feels so much better now.

They wife says something like: Hey Johnmaybe you should come and sit here. For the first time, mom smiles at her daughter and says that shes happy that shes feeling better but that she should be careful when shes out with her dad.

Haley is pinned between her dad and the wall as they hug.

Then they hear mom clearing her throat and they look at her. She see her daughter pushed against the wall by her dad who is pushing her upwards with his pelvis (like a standing missionary position).

After a short time they probe each others lips and they kiss for real. She then looks at him as she reaches down between her legs and starts to open his trousers.

They slowly give each other small affectionate kisses (on the chest, shoulder, neck, cheek etc).Haley really loves her dad and she looks up to him.Her mother is more of a bystander even if she loves her daughter too.The only thing keeping the family together is Haley.Haley is a daddys girl and they both share the same romantic ideas about things.

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He tells her that as long as Haleys happy hes happy. Haley stands against the wall and her dad stand between her spread legs with his hands on her hips. They just look at each and then Haley reaches up and gives her dad a little peck on the side of the mouth. They say both say goodbye to mom and walk out of the door, hand in hand. Dad tells her that he didnt know she was such a good dancer. She reaches up and gives him a kiss on the side of the mouth.

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