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We get back to their house just as a young woman and little girl are walking out the front door. He motions for me to come on in and explains that its his daughter and her sitter/nanny who only lives a few blocks away. Im dying to stroke myself when Jon asks, Are you hard? Weve seen each other naked in pics, but Im still pretty nervous I guess.

The daughter is going to be staying at Nicoles for the next three days and theyd come back to get a few things that Jenny had forgotten. Were both naked now and just sort of standing there.

Theres some position changes going on in the vid and, just as the stranger takes Jons cock in his mouth, the phone rings.

I can say confidently as a fella who's been in a committed "live-in" (and 100% monogamous ) relationship for over 8 years that you CAN love a person with all your heart and Being and STILL want to flirt/date/fool/fuck around with other people WITHOUT it somehow taking away from the committed relationship.Once inside, he asks me what I think about his wife after having met her. He says, Did I send you the vid of her stripping and playing with herself? I look back at the vid just as shes spreading her pussy lips and showing her clit. He rubs me a little then sort of pushes me towards the couch and urges me to sit down.My dick twitches a bit and he says, Shes gonna love that inside her! I sit and before I can even think, hes pushed my knees apart, put his head in my crotch and taken my dick in his mouth. Its now Sue sucking a cock that does not appear to be Jons.We allow members to post pics from their own collections. This group is for any picture or video featuring one female with 2 or more males (ie.

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  1. The cat was instantly dubbed "Attamaew" (The Monk Cat), as he was widely seen as a parody of the notorious multi-millionaire monk Luang Phu Nen Kham who hit headlines in Thailand last year when a footage of him riding on a private jet with luxurious personal items such as Louis Vuitton bag emerged on the social media.