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Adjudication A judgment rendered by the court after a finding of guilt.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) A mediation program for certain misdemeanor offenders.

Demanding State The state seeking return of a fugitive. Discharge of Bond A court order to release bond, usually once the case is disposed. Expungement Destroy, obliterate and wholly strike out the criminal history record of a person's case.

Deposition Questioning of a witness before a court reporter by an opposing counsel as part of pretrial discovery process. Extradition Surrender by one state to another of a person accused or convicted of an offense outside its own territory and within territorial jurisdiction of the other, with the other state which is competent to try him/her demanding his/her surrender.

Court Reporter Maintains a verbatim record of court events. Deferred Payment Court grants additional time to pay a fine. Exhibits Any paper or object offered in court that is marked for identification or evidence.

Demand for Discovery Demand by the defense attorney to the State Attorney to furnish material information on a case. Expert Witness Experts in medicine, forensics, etc., who testify at trial.

Contempt of Court Act of disrespect to the court; willful disregard of court’s authority.

Continuance Postponing a trial or hearing to a later date.

Challenge Term used in a jury trial when attempting to excuse a juror.Court Date Notice A written form used to bring the accused to court. Estreature of Bond A court order to forfeit bond to the county.County Court Court that hears misdemeanor, traffic cases, municipal ordinance violations, etc. Evidence Log A list of all items entered as evidence in trial (exhibits).Codefendant Person accused of committing the same criminal incident with other defendant(s).Community Control Form of probation restricting defendant’s movements.

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Civil This type of case involves private rights and remedies of citizens.

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