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Now before you send a lynch mob after me, hear me out.

Because if you are one of those gals that think you absolutely want to marry or begin dating a multi-millionaire, you might want to think again! Now, in my world, the world of millionaires and billionaires, well ...

If she agrees, Joe will be forced to tell the truth that his bank account is empty.

The seven-episode show was shot in secret in France to avoid any of the contestants discovering the twist.

Joe Millionaire is made by the same company that produced Temptation Island, where couples tested their love by being separated on a luxury resort and surrounded by models who tried to seduce them.

Fox have not said if there is a marriage proposal, or what happens when the truth is revealed, but have promised a "spectacular ending".Mike Darnell, head of reality TV at the network, said the plan was to "rip the mask off" people who signed up for similar programs."We find out whether they're really doing this for love."Joe will give each of the losing women pieces of jewellery of escalating value as he slowly eliminates them from the contest.In the final episode, he will choose the one woman with whom he wants to have a relationship.Also, I really love the ultra thin, underweight look, like a Paris Hilton.And I love long legs, but of course proportionate to her body.

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