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Ongoing discussions matter more in serious relationships.

It can be tough to talk about changes, such as new meds that change your sex life or ability to drink.

From there, it’s an easy question to find out what he thinks about these issues.

Keeping the discussion hypothetical can allow your date to be honest. When discussing mental illness as an idea, people tend to be more honest. Right Space, Right Time While you may find the right time occurs organically, I often find that I need to create certain conditions to feel safe disclosing such personal information.

Take some time to ask yourself when you’d feel guilty for not disclosing.

It’s a good sign post for when you’ll need to be honest with a date. Start With The Theoretical Disclosing my mental health requires me to be vulnerable.

___Dear Sami, I have medication resistant depression and anxiety. It was someone I met in college, so it was easier to meet people.Even better, we seemed to have a “high-match percent.” To be sure, I checked some of the questions he answered, just in case. As someone who lives with dysthymia, or persistent mild depression, I struggle against this stigma.In the morning I wake up and take a pill to help with my anxiety. Most of us pay our bills and rarely stand out of the crowd.It’s not just a diagnosis, but a history of some difficult times.Disclosing means I have to talk about serious depressive episodes, weekly therapy, and many more details.

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Giving yourself plenty of time to discuss this is also key.

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