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This was the first of his eight hospital visits during their brief relationship; during one of them, he gave her power of attorney.Strategos later suggested that his beloved might have slipped a drug into his ice cream on that initial dinner date; she served him ice cream most nights.Just before Christmas in 1990, Gordon Stewart, disoriented and foaming at the mouth, was admitted to the hospital.Lab tests showed a large amount of benzodiazepine, a psychoactive drug usually prescribed for insomnia or anxiety.His son noticed benzodiazepine showed up on his fathers blood tests during a January 2005 hospital visit; it was not a drug his fathers doctor had prescribed.When the son also noticed that ,000 was missing from his fathers accounts, he called the police. In March of that year, Melissa Friedrich accepted a plea agreement: grand theft, forgery, and five years in prison. She moved into a seniors complex in Nova Scotia and eventually started more trouble. Also, Benzodiazepene, and Attempted Murder In September 2012, Melissa Friedrichs whirlwind courtship with a neighbor culminated in a yet another marriage; within a week of the wedding, the 77-year-old bride would be charged with the attempted murder of the groom.He invited her to visit him the next month, and within three days of her arrival theyd agreed to get married.The wedding was in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on June 23, 2000; she then joined him in Florida.

The Canadian senior citizen has a rap sheet that earned her the nickname the Black Widow a sobriquet that helps trace her crimes across the various aliases that her (not always legal) multiple marriages have provided.

The authorities also regarded Melissa Friedrich with suspicion.

Records show that she held multiple prescriptions for Lorazepam, a potent, fast-acting benzodiazepine.

Fred Weeks, 75, had lost his wife of half a century just 18 months earlier.

He kept himself busy with cribbage games and karaoke outings, but he was lonely.

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  2. Williams was also cited for speeding, aggressive driving, following too close, no child restraint, use of multiple beam lamps, and laned roadway violations.