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Watching him in the studio, he was just so in it, within 30 minutes he had this incredible verse and he’d already knocked it out.” Released April 17, 2012 Adam Levine – Benjamin Levin – Ammar Malik – Dan Onelio – Shellback – Cameron Thomaz A&M – Octone ‘Payphone’ topped the UK Singles Charts becoming Maroon 5’s first UK chart topper selling over 866.000 copies.

The British Phonographic Industry certified it Platinum.

If you’re using a payphone that illustrates the point that you’re struggling somehow or you’ve lost your cell. It indicates something much more than it used to mean, and that’s kinda cool.” When producer Benny Blanco was asked about the story of the song by Artist Direct, he said: “I was down in Virginia and two of my writers Ammar Malik and Daniel Omelio ‘Robo Pop’ were kicking it down there as well. They started this thing on an organ and sent it over to me.• Episode #193 – Hakeem / Angelo Hakeem met Angelo online, and their first date was at the Love Shack.Everything was going awesome, so they took it back to Hakeem’s place…where everything went to the dogs.• Episode #192 – Nicole / Allen Nicole described her first date with Allen as a fairy tale!But if he was her Prince Charming, Cousin Ed wouldn’t be confronting him, now would he?

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