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The lowest quintile is made up of the 20% of the population with the lowest income. Remoteness Area (RA) is a geographical structure which intends to classify areas sharing common characteristics of remoteness into broad geographical regions (Remoteness Areas). WHO'S ONLINE In 2008-09, three-quarters (74%) of people aged 15 years and over had used the internet in the previous 12 months.

For more information about household income measures see ABS Household Income and Income Distribution (cat. In this article, Remoteness Areas have been grouped as follows: • Major Cities (of Australia). For further information about Remoteness Areas see Chapter 8 of ABS Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC), July 2010 (cat. Whether people used the internet, and where they used it, both varied with age.

Households with the highest rates of home internet access included those with children and those with higher levels of equivalised gross household income.

In 2008-09, more than four in five (86%) households with children under 15 years of age had an internet connection compared with two-thirds (66%) of those without children.

Internet access generally refers to the availability of internet connections via lines, points, ports, and modem to subscribers to access the internet.

Access is also used in the broader sense when referring to peoples’ internet use via computers and other web-capable devices. Equivalising adjusts actual household income to take into account the different needs of households of different size and composition.

• Regional (Inner Regional Australia plus Outer Regional Australia). Much lower rates of internet use were reported among older age groups (31% for people 65 years and over).

Home was the most common location of access, with two-thirds (68%) of people accessing from this location.

Households in Major Cities had the highest rates of broadband internet access.In 2008-09, nearly six million Australian households (72%) had internet access, a sizeable increase from around one million (16%) in 1998.While rates of home internet access have increased across all states and territories over the past decade, access rates do vary according to where people live.Younger people were more likely to access the internet from other people’s homes than older people, with 56% of 15-17 year olds, 50% of 18-24 year olds and 40% of 25-34 year olds doing so.More than eight in ten (84%) people aged 15-17 accessed the internet from an educational institution, followed by less than half (43%) of 18-24 year olds.

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