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But fortunately her doctor had a lifesaving insight for both her and her sister, K: “I think you have Wilson’s disease,” he told N after noticing strange golden-brown rings in her irises.Wilson’s is a rare inherited disorder—only one in about 30,000 people worldwide has it—in which the body can’t metabolize copper.

Their insurance covered the cost of the drug, which wasn’t much because Syprine is simple to make.

In 2014, J read an article in about Valeant and its C. O., 55-year-old Michael Pearson, and the reasons for the outrageous price increases of his wife’s medicine became clearer. Pearson’s approach should be a blueprint for the pharmaceutical industry’s future: Grow through serial deal-making, including tax ‘inversion’ purchases of foreign companies to take advantage of lower tax rates [abroad]. And, above all, stop spending so much money on risky research,” wrote the .

The article quoted Mason Morfit, the president of Value Act Capital, a prominent investment fund, saying that Pearson “is the best CEO I’ve ever worked with.”J learned that Valeant had bought Aton, for 8 million in 2010.

The company’s fall is wrecking both their careers and their legacies. An irascible Californian named Andrew Left, who runs Citron, a research firm, published a report that asked whether Valeant was “the pharmaceutical Enron.”Valeant was the pure expression of the view that companies are there to make money for shareholders, every other consideration be damned.

“It is as much an indictment of Wall Street as it is of Mike Pearson,” says a pharmaceutical-industry C. It raises fundamental questions about the functioning of our health-care system, the nature of modern markets, and the slippery slope of ethical rationalizations.

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