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They were a perfect compliment to the swell of her hips. I got an even better look as she removed her long coat, draping it over the back of the couch.She’d always had gorgeous legs, but I’d never seen her wearing stockings, and I couldn’t believe how sexy they looked on her.The car pulled up in the drive, and I winced at my reaction.

Our lips touched ever so briefly, and I swelled even more.She gave me a weary smile as she closed the door behind her.I could tell she was exhausted as she put down her purse and walked toward me, running fingers through honey-blonde hair slightly mussed by the wind.She curled her toes as I worked, occasionally moaning.I was hard again – and not just halfway – in no time. You’re good at that, honey.”“You’re welcome,” I said as I reluctantly uncurled my fingers from around her leg.

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