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Relationships between non-avian theropod dinosaurs and extant and fossil birds are a major focus of current paleobiological research.

Despite extensive phylogenetic and morphological support, behavioural evidence is mostly ambiguous and does not usually fossilize.

Note conspicuous scrape marks and mid-line ridge in traces 4–6, c. Map of Club Gulch site (a) prepared in Photoshop CS5 by MGL, with natural color photogrammetic image (b) at same scale by RTM and LGB.

The scrapes most probably occur near nesting colonies, as yet unknown or no longer preserved in the immediate study areas.

Thus, they provide clues to paleoenvironments where such nesting sites occurred..

However, inferences about phylogenetic relationships based on behaviour are generally more speculative.

Troodontid dinosaurs buried in in avian-like sleeping postures provide rare physical evidence of stereotypical avian behaviour.

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