Leo dating scorpio

If you’re patient enough, though, they will come around and show you their softer and more sensitive side. This type of energy will definitely draw you into a powerful emotional relationship.

Both Leo and Scorpio are extremely romantic —they tend to mate for life.

For Leo and Scorpio compatibility in the long term, forgiveness is key.

This is a relationship then which can move from one extreme to another at lightning speed, but which can also give both partners so much joy and satisfaction during the good times.

It will still be punctuated by extreme fights and fallings out, but the chemistry which draws them together in the first place may be enough to keep them together.Leo and Scorpio compatibility always seems to turn into an all or nothing situation.While these two may not find it easy to live together, they also won’t find it easy to stay apart, and for that reason there’s a kind of fateful aura about the relationship.Leo Scorpio Fire Water = Steam Both of you have an incredibly powerful will — and you will both need to feel respected by your partner if you’re going to make a go of this one.You’re both a tad inflexible, to say the least, and Scorpio’s iciness could take a long time to thaw under your sunny Leo rays.

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