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He was recognised for studies in metallurgy of electrical welding and has been President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1962.

Valeriy Lobanovskyi, the former coach of the football club FC Dynamo Kyiv, died on in hospital after he passed out during a game.

Most of the recipients of the former title received it for heroic military action (with Soviet cosmonauts being a notable exception), while those awarded the latter were recognized for their contributions to national economy and culture, Similar in structure to the titles issued by the Soviet Union, the title is awarded in two distinctions: "The Order of the Gold Star" and "The Order of the State".

Unlike the Soviet awards, Ukrainian law allows a person to receive a title in each distinction only once, although the person may receive both levels in due course, this means that if a holder of the Order of the State performs a heroic action, he or she can be presented with the Order of the Gold Star.

Vice versa, if labor achievements of a holder of the Order of the Gold Star are recognized to be of exceptional value to the nation, the recipient can be eligible to receive the Order of the State.

Connected to the ribbon is a suspension device joined to a medallion, both of which are made out of gold, on both medals, the name of each decoration and the award number are engraved on the reverse side of the medallion.Only one design of the wearer's copy exists, being modeled after the Soviet hero medal with the red ribbon replaced by a blue and yellow ribbon, the trident, which is used on the coat of arms of Ukraine, is placed in the middle of the star.This medal is made out of non-precious metals and is worn on the wearer's left-hand side above all other decorations. The 1998 edict contained general guidelines about the title, some of the subjects mentioned were the criteria for receiving each level of the title, who can present the title, and how the medal should be displayed in public.In order for a person to be awarded the title, a recommendation must be made to the President by the Verkhovna Rada (parliament of Ukraine), the Cabinet of Ukraine (Government of Ukraine), the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the Higher Economic Court, the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, ministries and other central executive authorities, the Supreme Council and the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, oblast, Kiev and Sevastopol city state administrations, as well as Commission on state awards and heraldry of the President of Ukraine.The recommendations are then sent to the President for consideration, along with a package composed of the details of the nominee's deeds and the recommendations that have been filed on his or her behalf.

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