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You aren't really expected to kiss every time after the first kiss but if you don't the girl will read into it and freak out wondering if you are into her anymore. If you are into her don't you want to kiss her everytime anyway? You'll probably become more comfortable with each other as time passes. I just got to thinking about this, not really sure why but figured I'd ask anyway.After you kiss a girl for the first time is it expected that you'll kiss her each time you meet after that?Women friends do this and it doesn't mean a thing but hello.Unless you want to take it to another level, as far as a commitment is concerned, you should keep yourself from doing it if you know that the other person sees it as affection and you don't. Also depends if you are dating someone needy, clingy, and psychotic. First of all, if you have a real kiss on the first date, aren't you going to want to pick up where you left off on the next date? I can't recall having a first date that led to a second date with someone I didn't want to kiss when I saw her again. THAT I can do through calling a friend or a site like meet up.

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My thoughts are if two folks were genuinely interested in each other then it would just happen, be it expected or not.

But the point of my question was if two people, for example, went out and kissed on the first date and both were interested but one of them was not into public displays or wasn't generally "touchy-feely", if they opted not to kiss the other hello, or opted for the cheek kiss, on the next date would it been seen as a sign of disinterest?

I would think she would expect it, if she was interested in you. Once a kiss enters the arena, I'd like to think that kissing would be natural, not expected per se.

How else do two people start connecting with one another ?

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