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These everyday phrases teach women that their role in relationships is as objects to be won, not people with needs to be met.

Encouraging women not to present themselves as sexual beings can be just as harmful as defining them solely by their sexuality.

When women hear their own bodies and the bodies of female celebrities and public figures criticized, they learn to obsess over appearances and to tie their appearance to their worth.

Telling women that they're too fat to go to the beach, too ugly to be on TV, or too old to be in politics teaches them that their looks are about more than just looks and should be viewed as a metric of how many good things they deserve.

The fact that we tell women they're "supposed" to wear makeup, remove body hair, or diet starting at a particular age sends the message that how their bodies look, feel, and smell to others is more important than how it feels for them to be in their own bodies.

This can distance women from their own preferences and even from physical sensations like hunger and discomfort — they're taught to ignore them all in the name of one rigidly defined idea of "beauty."In both the bedroom and other areas of life, women get the message that they exist to please men (straight men, specifically).

If you look at misogyny in all its myriad forms, it usually comes back to the idea that women are objects, not subjects.

By "object," I mean something that exists to fulfill someone else's desires, and by "subject," I mean somebody who has their own desires.

The way sexual assault, harassment, voyeurism, and other forms of misconduct are depicted in the media and discussed in real life gives off the impression that "boys will be boys," and that the actions of drunken college students are distinct from actual sexual misconduct.You often hear the term "objectification" to describe media depictions of women, but it also comes from a less expected source: women themselves.Over the course of their lives, there are many subtle ways women are taught to view themselves as objects.Someone can be both an object and a subject — for example, you can be an object of your partner's affections, and they can be an object of yours, while both of you also remain your own subjects — but "objectification" specifically means reducing someone to complete objecthood.If you are socialized as a woman, it is very likely that you have learned to view yourself as an object.

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