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But there is a limit to how far we can push prices, particularly since our typical customer tends to be relatively low-income.So we are pursuing two other longer term responses: * We are increasingly turning to automation solutions, like automatic pay systems and gates, to replace people. You scare me more than the hard times I know they're coming around again You scare me more than the grey skies Good morning, Mr. Sunshine") And now you're the girl With cake on her face Yeah, you're the one who's cryin' Blow out the candles and make a wish If you need a drink, babe I'm buyin' Too bad Too bad Too bad on your birthday I said it's too bad Too bad Too bad on your birthday I was sitting on a bench reading a book in City Park (that's its name—happily, it's not named after some stupid politician or dead, dumb order follower) when this old codger trudged up to another bench, lay his jacket and backpack on it, and climbed the stairs to the stage. " In a canyon town, even quiet sounds can echo all over the place but harness a bandshell and you serenade the world. Today Felicia sent in: "A screen capture from a facebook chat this morning. [...] Levels of theft and corruption, and of blatant, visible disdain for the rule of law, have largely been within traditional limits what might be termed a "standard pattern" for most of this nation's history. The theft and corruption aren't going away, but instead increasing exponentially. So what's the government doing to clean up the mess it's made? Life is a wonderful thing, as long as I hold the string! "And even when I'm old and gray, I'm gonna feel the way I do today! 06jan2009 — Things That Make Jeebus Go Grrr Item: Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. Worse behavior, and not only in the financial realm, is on the way. Oh dear, what is this strange, burning error message that has emerged fully from my computer screen? The wealth thus drained from the lower and middle classes flows to favored corporations, government agencies, and other special interests. 'coz it looks more like my image of, of Jesus than . Let's face it, anyone who tries to make any real-world sense whatsoever of anything having to do with the Trinity ends up sounding like a football player, so I think we can all agree in thanking Christ that Kurt didn't try to explain the Holy Ghost. Paul Krugman confessed last week on the NY Times Opinion page that ". In short, Keynesianism consists largely of central planning (the lynchpin of the old Soviet Union and Red China under Mao, although Keynesianism allows for a semi-market economy) combined with heavy taxation and epic levels of unrestrained counterfeiting, with the wealth thus extracted from citizens being spent on more central planning and, in the case of the United States in particular, on war and on maintenance of an empire; for example, on our 750 foreign military bases (see also here) around the planet. All of this will make the problem worse, prolonging and deepening the pain. Give that last sentence a moment's thought: a small group of people gave trillions of your dollars not that you have that much money to, well, mostly to crooks and failed businessmen.

Overall, the wealth extracted from citizens is redirected to those who already have wealth and power, for they control the system.As a quick background, my company runs campgrounds (and other recreation facilities) all across the country.We typically employ retired couples who live in their RV onsite and work both for the free camp site as well as a wage, usually minimum wage. So, I'm, I was drawing a picture of god, but it's, uh, come out to be more like Jesus, so how 'bout we just stick with that being Jesus? ESPECIALLY on the subject of Christological mysteries. so says activist Russel Means, who last year led the Lakotah Nation in renouncing its treaty obligations with the U. Yet most economists and talking heads in the lamestream media, including print as well as television, failed to see it coming, just as they missed the call on the housing and dot-com bubbles. the failure [of economists] to see the most obvious bubble of my lifetime remains a puzzle." It may be a puzzle to Krugman, but the answer is simple: Most economists and paid commentators are Keynesians (see also this video on the results of Keynesian policy; 7 min 29 sec) who believe in government economic intervention (i.e., control via taxation, regulation and spending) combined with central banks and fiat currencies. uh, one being the father, one being the son, yet, connected at the same time. But, obviously, Jesus is the son that was sent down, and the earthly form that we all have come to reckanize, where god the father, although the Word says, is spirit, I think we always, just because of what we're used to, and how we reckanize things, we place a, a body to to him, and, um, and that's, y'know, that, to me, is, is the difference, that I have a heavenly father that I see as more of the old man, the gray hair, the long beard, uh, and then Jesus as the younger man of the two, um, yet, completely the same, in, um, in spirit and in nature, yet, separate at the same time. The theological lesson here is: people, DON'T make football players string sentences together, please! [remainder of absurd screaming Lovecraftian ending deleted] Oklahoma still fighting for Sovereignty (via Militant Libertarian) To be Sovereign, you must act Sovereign. (Bureaucrash) Secession: The Final Frontier (Lew To Secede or Not to Secede... (NYT) For a decade, Russian academic Igor Panarin has been predicting the U. It is virtually impossible to overstate the dire consequences resulting from the severity of the declines recently experienced in almost all asset classes--from both a technical and fundamental viewpoint." [...] The global financial crisis now underway is larger and deeper than any in living memory; it will be talked about for millennia, assuming mankind survives that long.

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This 50% is not just wages, but other costs calculated as a percent of wages, such as FICA, medicare, and unemployment taxes and workers comp premiums.

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