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After today's recording session, she and Ellie will be cheering on Carrie at a school track meet.But Katie's all too aware that Carrie will be at college like her sister soon, and then Katie will be alone.

She's learning Italian with the help of the Rosetta Stone program.

Relatively speaking, though, she's been a woman of leisure.

"Not having to put on makeup every day was a godsend," she says.

I'm so happy when she comes into my bed and lets me do her history with her." Carrie's not always so cozy.

"You have to have a lot of self-esteem to take it," says Katie of the tension that can come between a mom and her teen.

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Recently, Carrie floated the idea of going to college in California. I like a big, chaotic household — noise, commotion, laughter! Or I wish I'd had one [more] at 37, but I was busy. With Ellie at college and Carrie busy with schoolwork, Katie finds that "it's awfully quiet in our apartment.

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