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This building has appeared to be in a renovated state for many many years. I would never step inside based on the unkept outside! No excuse since I’ve noticed this state for 5 years (maybe 10! I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE LEADERSHIP OF BURGER KING us low life can not get a hold of the higher ups…. Reply Hello I visited your store #10458 this morning and was assisted by a manager wearing all black (button up shirt and pants). Then mixed the spit with the condiments covered her offence with the pickles and walked back to the heat lamp to pretend to pick it up to hand the burger to my fiancee.) Reply The experience I had April 5, 2018 is so pathetic that a little comment left here, would even touch the surface of the incompetence I encountered. My total was .77 I asked her to split my payment as I had money in my pocket for .00 cash and a Susan B Anthony silver dollar. Seeing that she wasn’t at the counter she started to walk through the door to the sitting area trying to avoid looking at me again as I asked her to hand me my food.Reply I want to recognize Burger King #13847 in Benbrook, Texas as being one of the best places for a good morning breakfast. (WTF) if u are gonna BS a customer at least make sure the customer u are trying to BS does not have 14 years experience in the fast food field, with 9 of those years as a manager Reply (date, time on receipt) Wed Oct 11 2017 PM Location #5037 7000 S. Lakeland, FL 33813 My fiancee and I took our daughter to this disgusting location last night for a quick meal after a long day of running errands and yard work.The staff is professional, courteous, and always greets you with a smile. The first thing ordered was a ten piece chicken nugget that had to be reordered after our order number was called because the cashier didn’t ring it up.

i don’t have a uniform i haven’t been paid in 2 weeks now, the GM doesn’t know how to pay me an said i have to figure it out myself. Also when the other nice young man brought our food out 25 minutes later . I brought this mess (which I did not eat) to a female manager who stated that it was a really rough day and that she had just gotten her PERIOD AND WAS NOT PREPARED!!! Reply I went thru the drive thru in wadena mn i asked for a bacon double rodeo cheese burger he said the rodeo king? At no point did my fiancee make any statement about the number of people working by their race.Called the phone number listed on the official Burger King site (com) and got the same phone number when Googling Burger King in Angleton Texas. She is the reason why I would not visit this Burger King again!!! This afternoon another Lady called to say after reviewing video that she couldn’t see the employee doing anything.The number listed on both sites only gave a busy signal, so I hopped in my car and drove over. Is this acceptable customer service for your establishment?? After going over the events in order adding that she should look to see me almost on top of the counter trying to see what the employee was doing with the burger and for her unwrapping it almost immediately after picking it up then walking away and returning still wrapping it back up to pretend to pick it up and serve it.i haven’t been to work in 3 days because of this issue. Reply I worked at burger king in troy il in 2016 and Havnt gotten my wd2 I was told it would get sent to my last job at IHOP in glen carbon il. ” First and foremost I am the customer and whatever adjustment needed to be done, should have been done without an attitude. After the manager sent the group text we tried contacting her after replying to it that no she didn’t make said comment and that I have black people in my family; but she wouldn’t answer.I don’t work at IHOP no more if you would send it to my address in edwardsville il. I tried to place an order for breakfast for our Habitat for Humanity Construction Volunteers (about 30 folks) while we were building our 105th House in Southern Brazoria County in Texas. When I pulled up to the window she continuously to shake her head in either disbelief or disgust because she had to do a refund and re-ring in which she thought I needed to know that, again I am the customer.. So another call to corporate to tell them we wanted to talk with someone else due to the manager’s statement and reluctance to answer or return a call concerning her statement.

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