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The building is identified as a synagogue, providing documentary evidence of its use in that manner.

It is shown as a one-story wood frame building, rectangular and fronting on Fourth Street, and heated with a wood stove. This building's next use is as a Christian Science Church, confirmed in both city directories and the 1906 Sanborn Atlas.

This looks again to be the same location as previous date and in 1866-7. La Crosse (1948), wrote that "the Congregation Anche Chesed was developed from the Hebrew Benevolent Society in 1878," and that it was of the Reformed Jewish Faith.

Any chronological account of structures like this is subject to errors and misinterpretations, and it is submitted for whatever value it may have."Previous to this, services were held in the Masonic Lodge Hall."1870-71 city directory - Cremieux Lodge, IOBB [Bnai Brith], No. Meets at Jewish Temple, west side Fifth between Main and King Streets.From the 1884 Sanborn Atlas, this appears to be a brick commercial building, and this is probably the same location as listed for 1866-7.1873-4 city directory - Congregation Anshe [usually spelled Anche] Chesed, on Jay St, NW corner of Fifth.Murphy Library at UW-La Crosse has two small and rather poor photos of this North 11th Street building, one taken in about 1901, and another from about 1930, after remodeling. The latter photo shows a Star of David on the front of the building, centered up near the roof. This building would not have been used as a synagogue after the new synagogue on Main Street was completed in 1948.

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138, Bnai Brith, in the Synagogue, South Fourth Street." This would be the synagogue at 521 South Fourth Street, which was no longer used for any regular Jewish purpose after 1901.1902-3 city directory - The 521 South Fourth Street building for Jewish function has disappeared from the directory.

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