Javascript validating imput from prompts

One study found that simply providing inline validation increased the successful completion rate by 22% and decreased time to completion by 42%.

Currently support for the new form and input elements is widespread on modern browsers, though there is often some difference in the way some pickers are displayed on desktop.

It lets the browser suggest autocomplete options as the user types.

Unlike select elements where users must scan long lists to find the value they’re looking for, and limiting them only to those lists, datalists provide hints as the user types.

The constraint validation API gives you powerful tools for handling custom validation.

One good example of where you might use the Java Script validation APIs is to verify that the user has provided the correct email address on a sign up form where they’re asked to enter it twice.

For example, in the The datalist element isn't an input type, but a list of suggested input values to associated with a form field.

For example, datalists can provide auto-complete in text boxes suggesting options to the user.

Warnings can be displayed when the users response doesn’t match the expected format.

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