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So if there were over one hundred thousand young children in Nineveh, then there must have been over one million souls in that city-state. We can pray that God sends revival to us and then pray for those around us and that God will bring revival to our church, to our city, to our state, to our nation and to the world so that millions might be saved. He doesn’t take pleasure in or desire that any perish. Then pray for God to revive you so that others might be saved and bring glory to God because bringing glory to God is what it’s all about.

Nineveh did repent and more than a million people were saved. Jack Wellman is Senior Writer at What Christians Want to Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible.

What do you believe reveals the need for revival in yourself or in others? If revival is to take place in this nation or any nation, then revival must begin with the individual believer. That revival can then spread from that neighborhood into the district of that town or city.

Only then can this revival begin to impact the entire town or city.

Nineveh was the arch-enemy of Israel and Jonah hated the idea of having them be saved but God told Jonah (Jonah )? They are those who are under the age of accountability and are very young children, babies, infants and toddlers. We can fall on our face and repent of our spiritual laziness which I have had to do. Churches in America are declining and may be following the trend that has been occurring in Europe. This is not the gospel for Christ Himself said that the road is hard and that we will all have to take up our cross and bear it (Luke ). In a recent sermon, Pastor James Mc Donald from Walking in the Word Ministries revealed these shocking numbers about Christianity in America: As I mentioned, the U. is the number two receiving nation of foreign missionaries and perhaps now you can see why. What is the root cause of why so many churches in the U. Too many churches are seeker sensitive that try to appeal to the masses to make them solve their everyday problems or try to make their lives happier. This is not the gospel that Christ or Paul preached but another gospel (2 Cor 11:4). The gospel has been compromised and has been changed from a repentance, confession, and trust in Christ gospel to a feel good, real good, health, wealth, and prosperity gospel.

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