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In her book, Feminine Psychology, which is a collection of articles Horney wrote on the subject from 1922–1937, she addresses previously held beliefs about women, relationships, and the effect of society on female psychology.The beginning of psychology research presents very little in the way of female psychology.

Once the functionalist movement came about in the United States, academic psychology's study of sex difference and a prototypic psychology of woman were developed.

They relied on CR (consciousness raising) groups to build their movement.

Ruck describes the process of these CR groups by "bridging the tensions" between the personal and political.

In Liberating Minds: Consciousness-Raising as a Bridge Between Feminism and Psychology in 1970s Canada, Nora Ruck leads with, "U. radical feminist Irene Peslikis warned that equating women's liberating with individual therapy prevented women from truly understanding and fighting the roots of their oppression".

Canada was one of the few countries with an academic category within psychology for feminism.

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