Is a shaved head intimidating

Whether you prefer the look of a goatee, Fu Manchu, full beard, mustache, soul patch or Van Dyke, all look equally as good with or without cranium follicles.This really comes down to whom you are looking to impress.Then most common is using a safety razor and cream.This way will prevent most nicks and cuts that can occur easily with a straight razor.

Most men (and women) do not come to the conclusion to shave their heads lightly.

There are many facets to why your hair loss may bother you.

Most of these come back to issues with self-esteem.

But if you are in a state of hair loss that makes you feel you have become less desirable or less confident because of it, then it is recommended that you should skin it.

Remember, in the end it is your confidence that will let your personality shine through. The first is using a conventional straight razor and cream.

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This is recommended only for those who are skilled with this type of razor and are using it to shave their beard currently.

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