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Though deaf daters have appeared in the UK version of the show, their dates have not been conducted completely in sign language.

This is the first time that a deaf dater has taken part in First Dates Ireland.

Maybe a restaurant under dazzlingly bright lights, stalked by multiple unseen cameras, whose waiting staff enquire routinely into the passions of their patrons is a natural crucible for romance.

He tells viewers: ‘One of my friends said, when I won Mr Gay Ireland, ‘if you can’t find a boyfriend this year, you never will!Deaf daters had previously appeared in the UK version of the show, however, their dates had not been conducted completely in sign language.This episode also marks the first time the that a deaf dater has appeared on First Dates Ireland.Fill in an application form below for the chance to find love in the First Dates restaurant!A few words of wisdom are dispensed early in the first episode of the new series of First Dates Ireland, which, while hardly original, are clearly key to understanding the show.

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  1. That said, he has repeatedly stated that he wants to get married, settle down, and have kids, but he doesn't seem anywhere near reaching that goal. I don't know him personally, and anything I write is conjecture at best, but I've stalked, er, researched him enough in the media to throw my hat into the ring.1. On his first full-length studio album, he had a song that opened with the lines, "My stupid mouth has got me in trouble.