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The higher the player knowledge level, the fewer black stars are included in a player’s ability star ratings, as explained in the Scouting Knowledge guide.

You may want to avoid signing a player with a poor rating in one of these attributes, or only sign him if there are no preferable alternatives available, while in contrast you may want to favour a player with good ratings in these attributes over a similar alternative whose hidden attributes ratings are poor or unknown.Therefore, in order to get more accurate ability star ratings from a better scout, or more up-to-date ratings, you will need to request a new report.Uncertainty over a player’s current and potential ability also affects ability star ratings, and this uncertainty is represented by black stars.If you are scouting a player over a period of time or matches in order to increase the player knowledge level, as explained in the Scouting Assignments guide, then this will keep his report up to date.You can view a list of all players that have been scouted by your scouts on the screen of that scout.

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