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We feel that, by keeping everything under one roof, you are GUARANTEED more effective and impactful networking opportunities by ensuring multiple touch points throughout the entire Blockchain World Conference. Quite simply, it means that your entire weekend will be filled with conferences, lectures, keynote speakers, workshops, networking, inspiration, and incredible amounts of fun.For the first time ever, the Blockchain World Conference brings together, all under one roof, ALL of the titans of Blockchain and Fintech for what promises to be the single-most transformational Blockchain industry event held to date.In the ceilings of our venues you’ll find Go Pros that allow us overlay what we observe manually with computer vision to help us constantly improve attendee movement and queuing at our gatherings.In 2010, attendees came from a single country, in 2015 attendees will fly from 134 countries to spend three days and four nights together in Dublin.In the last year, our company has more than doubled in size. In 2013, we ran investor speed dating for startups. In 2014, we canned speed dating and introduced investor Office Hours, which were highly curated one to ones between relevant investors and relevant startups organised in advance of Web Summit. We’re also introducing Startup University, a stage packed with speakers addressing critical issues for startups, which also gives startups the opportunity to ask relevant questions of speakers.Additionally, we now have a full time team of startup mentors in-house.

Gordon Ramsay’s world renowned steakhouse and Marteranno’s Italian Restaurant are just a few of the tantalizing places to eat which are conveniently located on-site within Harrah’s Resort.

It is a shared conversation over a beer, an introduction at a roundtable or an animated discussion over the latest star speaker while standing together in the queue for a lunchtime burger.

Some people complain that technology is cutting us off from each other, even as the distances between countries and peoples disappear in a digital puff of smoke.

This is the dawning of the age of crypto-relevancy and legitimization and we are here to invite you to be a part of the movement.

This crypto currency event promises to be one of the most informing, interesting, invigorating, and infamous crypto conference ever seen or heard of on the planet Earth!

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