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The CONFIDENTIAL transport-guarantee redirects the user from a non-secure port to a secure port if a protected resource is requested.

A login page (login.html) and a login error page (login-failed.html) are also specified in

From this config object, we read the init parameters.

We will see shortly what parameters do we passed in filter.Following small piece of code comes handy whenever you are working for a J2EE web application in JSP/Servlet/Struts/JSF or any Servlet oriented web framework. Hence we can check the session in this method and see if it is valid.A lot of time we have to handle session errors in such applications and redirect user to particular error page. From init() method, we had generated a list of pages (urls) that were having access although the session is null. Http Session; public class Logout Servlet extends Http Servlet . Click logout button and it will invalidate the session.

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This method will remove all attributes and clear all cookies, in addition to calling . POST,headers="Content-type=application/x-www-form-urlencoded") public String create(@Valid Category VO category VO, Binding Result results, Http Session session, Model model) throws Exception /** * Starts a new download within the session, with query parameters.

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