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We will create a dynamic web project in Eclipse with servlet context as Servlet Http Session Example. is same like earlier example and defined as welcome page for the application in Login Servlet servlet will create the session and set attributes that we can use in other resources or in future requests.

Http Session; /** * Servlet implementation class Logout Servlet */ @Web Servlet("/Logout Servlet") public class Logout Servlet extends Http Servlet Notice that I am printing JSESSIONID cookie value in logs, you can check server log where it will be printing the same value as Session Id in Login Below images shows the execution of our web application.

We can bind the objects on Http Session instance and get the objects by using set Attribute and get Attribute methods.

In the previous page, we have learnt about what is Http Session, How to store and get data from session object etc.

Here, we are going to create a real world login and logout application without using database code. In this example, we are creating 3 links: login, logout and profile.

User can't go to profile page until he/she is logged in.

Session Management in Java Servlet Web Applications is a very interesting topic. Http Session; /** * Servlet implementation class Login Servlet */ @Web Servlet("/Login Servlet") public class Login Servlet extends Http Servlet When a JSP resource is used, container automatically creates a session for it, so we can’t check if session is null to make sure if user has come through login page, so we are using session attribute to validate request. Servlet Exception; import javax.servlet.annotation.

Session in Java Servlet are managed through different ways, such as Cookies, Http Session API, URL rewriting etc. Checkout is another page and it’s code is given below.

Every request is associated with an Http Session object.

It may or may not provide with more features of luxury but the minimum is guaranteed.

Servlet specification ensures that, the minimum features provided make the session management job easier.

In a previous article I discussed about methods used for session tracking.

It has fundamental information about what a session is and how to manage it. Just to recap, session is a conversion between a server and a client.

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