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Nonetheless, this information was of little avail when war came in September 1939.

Good intelligence could not offset the overwhelming superiority of the German and Soviet armed forces.

As such, it was independent of Austro-Hungary and loyal to Piłsudski and to a future independent Poland.

Immediately upon achieving independence in 1918, Poland established armed forces.

Reflecting the influence of the French Military Mission to Poland, the Polish General Staff was divided into divisions entrusted with specific tasks: Division II (colloquially, "Dwójka," "Two") was formed in October 1918, even before Poland had declared her independence.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Poland's economic and political situation had forced hundreds of thousands to emigrate.

Though Poland had won most of her border conflicts (most notably the war with Russia and the Greater Poland Uprising of 1918-19 against Germany), her international situation was unenviable.

By mid-1921, Section II had been restructured into three main departments, each overseeing a number of offices: Until the late 1930s the Soviet Union was seen as the most likely aggressor and Poland's main adversary.

Short-range reconnaissance was carried out by the Border Defense Corps, created in 1924.

On a number of occasions, soldiers crossed the border disguised as smugglers, partisans or bandits.

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The conquest of Poland took four weeks—too short a time for intelligence services to make a significant contribution.

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