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Both Mumbles lifeboats and a rescue helicopter were launched on Saturday evening, after Mumbles coastguard were alerted to a missing swimmer last seen near the west pier.

For instance, its "Gangham-Style" dancing (by lipstick-tasered victims) are just hilarious homages to Chuck Berry's guitar-playing and John Travolta's dancing, elevated to a perfect blend of homage, music, and joy, thanks to megastar franchise composer Pharrell Williams.Dating in Wales If you're single and live in or around Mumbles then this is the place for you!Register for free today and start your online dating with Dating in Mumbles.One half of The Neptunes, Williams wrote charting hit "Happy" for Gru's DM2 montage; it's now available online as 24hoursofhappy-com.The same creative team is back from DM1, ensuring a sensitive sequel tonal change.

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