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As a parable of resistance, Kentridge’s iconic video work forms part of the organisation’s current focus on art and its relationship to power.The video asks viewers to pause and consider who has the power to commission statues in public spaces – a question that continues to resonate today.In a panel discussion, titled A Talk About Time and moderated by Andrea Ghez, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, and Founder/Director of Galactic Center, Kentridge and his collaborator Peter Galison will discuss the cultural and scientific implications of time.Art Exchange – sited at the University of Essex and described as a space where art, artists and audiences can meet – hosts screenings of William Kentridge’s 1990 video work, (9 – 12 November).

The exhibition invites viewers to consider and grapple with issues like ‘how does we make the world they live in’ and ‘how do they remember the story? Through the installation’s immersive black and white stop-motion ‘world’, the gallery space becomes packed with a mixture of nostalgic memories, dreams and future visions that ‘go hand-in-hand’ with a sense of historical and a flattering insurgency.

Similarly, as a seminal figure in post-apartheid contemporary South African art working in a variety of media – including video, painterly and photographic mediums, and performance – Tracey Rose’s commissioned performance will act as a continuation of her practice and exploration into the intersections of race, gender and identity politics.

Work by Kendell Geers can be seen in the Consortium Biennial Projects section of the event which is co-presented with White Box Arts Centre. The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid hosts a solo show, William Kentridge.

O Sentimental Machine, of Kentridge’s artworks (22 March – 26 August).

The curatorial premise for the exhibition centres around the artist’s work being in conversation with the institution’s sculptural collection which includes artefacts and works spanning 5000 years. Vinzenz Brinkmann and Kristin Schrader, the exhibition presents the artist’s work on a stage that combines with the artist’s conceptual, narrative and aesthetic intentions in a close and fertile way.

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