Im dating a recovering addict

In these Steps, PIRs practice reaching out to other people and face their fear of rejection.

In the process, they learn mutual respect for others and how to have equality in a relationship rather than power over someone else.

If your partner relapses and starts to abuse you, leave it.

Addiction is an illness, but your safety and your comfort come first.

You may meet your PIR while they are in the midst of working Steps Four through Ten and be curious about what this "amends making" is all about.

I was so unfamiliar with the Twelve Steps that I didn't know enough to ask Steve about them or if he had done them.

If you find yourself making sacrifice after sacrifice, take a step back and evaluate the relationship.

After all, they’ve probably spent a large portion of their lives hiding their habit from their friends and loved ones.

Keep in mind, however, that your partner’s history of addiction is very personal.

Do not talk about it with your friends — or even family members — before your partner is ready.

Because of this, some PIRs may have developed trust, intimacy, or abandonment issues.

As a result, they might view dysfunctional relationships as normal and seek out these types of unhealthy relationships in their new sober life, unless they are made aware of what they are doing and work diligently to release and heal their past.

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