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The i Friend has a proprietary document, namely a Policy on Privacy, that regulates the treatment given to the registration data and other information items and data collected on this Platform. The Policy on Privacy can be accessed via the link: https://theifriend.com-politica-de-privacidade 6.3.All information or personal data supplied by Users or i Friends is stored in servers or high security magnetic media.The i Friend services should be used only by persons who are legally capable of entering into binding contracts.Therefore, persons who are unable to have this capacity, are not allowed to use this service, including, but not limited to: minors, banned persons, persons who were disabled by the site, temporarily or definitely, being the User, Customer and i Friend aware of the Cliente e i Friend cientes das penalties established by the Civil Code, especially those established in the articles 166, I; 171, I and 180.. Only capable individual persons of legal age are allowed to register in the site. Each User and/or i Friend must have only one register in the site.The i Friend will use the email and data provided by i Friends and Users in other social networks as main communication channels with its clients, such as Facebook, as advised during the interaction with the site, in its most diverse modalities, which does not exclude the possibility of using other means to such end, provided they are advised. The responsibility for receiving the communications rests solely with the Client and, for that, it is vital that the Client should always provide correct and precise data to the i Friend and keep it updated. It is equally a responsibility of the clients to have their anti-spam mechanisms configured so not to interfere with the receiving of The i Friend communications and materials, with no excuse being acceptable in the event of email being blocked by them or by a similar filter.6 –Privacy of i Friends, visitors and users in the Data Platform: 6.1. (“The i Friend”) presents here the Terms for Use and Browsing Conditions and Policy on Privacy of site, as well as its privacy policy, rules that must be respected by its visitors and users, under penalty of appropriate sanctions.

i Friends are people who want to socialise with others who have common interests and do not have remunerated jobs as guides.In case we identify, through the verification of data system, doubled registers, there will be the definitive non-qualification and disability of all the registers associated to the same person, independently of any warning or notification to the User and/or i Friend. The establishing of the User and/or i Friend subscription will be completed when the User and/or i Friend fills in all the registration fields and confirms her/his email address.The User/i Friend must provide true, accurate and complete personal information.Following the payment of a booking fee, the User will be granted access to the data of the chosen i Friend, such as cell phone number and other data.5 – The i Friend communications with its clients: 5.1.

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