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For build-in webcams this steps does of course not apply. Also try connecting your webcam directly to your PC instead of through a USB hub (if you are using one).

Once your webcam has been connected, you'll need to enable your camera for it to be displayed as a part of your live stream.You can of course always enable it again anytime in the future, should the need arise. We have seen how you can turn off the Microphone, now let us see how to disable the webcam on your Windows device.In Windows 10, to disable the webcam, right-click on the start button to open the Win X Menu. Once your Device Manager window opens, expand Imaging devices. If your web camera is not integrated, you may see some different entry. If you wish to create a shortcut to enable or disable any device on the fly, you can use the Dev Con utility.The yellow explanation mark will indicate a problem. Right-click the device, and in the popup menu select Update Driver Software.Then follow the instructions on screen, but make sure you allow Windows to search the web for updated drivers.

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To get started, simply connect a webcam to your console's USB port.

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