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Her puffy pussy lips looked already stimulated and a slight gleam showed on them.

Two more pictures of her cunt, with her fingers spreading her pussy open wide, drew me in.

I was now slowly stroking my cock, knowing there was no way I was going to last through all the pictures when there was a crash at my door. "Whatever," she said, waving her hand to make it clear she didn't really care. I wasn't feeling great last night and was in bed before midnight." "Oh, okay," she said, looking both confused and relieved. I read enough lesbian stories to know Janice was either blackmailed or was submissive... There was then a close-up picture of Janice's face glistening with wetness. I wondered if this was the first time this happened. I fished my still stiff cock out of my pants again and continued going through pictures.

"Fuck, Eddie, why the hell would you lock the door," Samantha cursed. The next one was of my sister with a strap-on cock.

Being the only black girl on the team, her black skin seemed rather exotic to me. The whole 45% breast tissue above the nipple line and 55% below... There were pictures of Janice sucking each of the other three's nipples. Janice's pure white skin against Kara's chocolate black skin was a jarring contrast. I flipped through a few more pictures of Janice pleasuring Kara's breasts and noticed that Janice's face didn't show the same embarrassment as she did when she was getting photographed with her breasts... Seemingly looking at them in the same awestruck way that I had a few pictures earlier.

I wanted to cup those big jugs with my hands, curious how heavy they would be. no, her eyes were glazed over as if she was in utter awe of the beauty of the black breasts she was pleasing. Her eyes were big as she extended her tongue to my sister's stiff nipple.

The truth it was none of those, but rather Janice, although truth be told I had stroked off to every one of them at some point. " she questioned, as she put the computer on the edge of the bed, suddenly shifting to an oddly sexy pout. I remained speechless as she moved right next to me and asked, "Does my baby brother fantasize about his big sister when he jerks off?

Sophia had really small tits, yet with a large areola region that showcased her small nipples and I wondered, being the geek that I was, the actual weight of her breasts in comparison to Kara's massive ones. Her pink pussy, such a contrast with her dark skin, was like a gift from God... She had no hair on her pussy, but a small triangle above her hooded clit.

* My bitch cheerleader sister stormed into my room while I was in my bed, on my laptop watching, ironically, cheerleader porn, and jerking off. " "Just leave," I demanded, still mortified to be caught in such a compromising position. Next afternoon, I was playing Clash of Clans on my i Pad while simultaneously watching Dr. "I'll take a look at it," I said, taking her phone, "but I'll need your password." "Brad," she answered.

"Oh shit, wrong room." I gasped, dick in hand, completely humiliated to be caught jerking off, "Get out! I repeated my demand, as I hid my raging hard on, behind my computer "Get out." "Oh, I've seen many dicks before," she quipped. She grabbed my computer, staring at what I was watching, which was a cheerleader getting triple teamed. "Very creative," I quipped, Brad being her boyfriend's name. Samantha: Says the slut who got a bukkake last weekend. Sophie: 9 inches, that seems almost too big Samantha: only one way to find out, LOL Sophie: that's true. Samantha: slut Sophie: ass whore Samantha: cum bucket Sophie: shit, now I need a cock Samantha: me too Sophie: you have one in the room right beside you LOL Samantha: you're sick Sophie: u know it Samantha: oh crap, I should never have gin.... Thus ended the surreal, cock hardening, text conversation.

Janice, on the other hand, the one cheerleader who was remotely nice, had small firm tits. There were a couple of pictures of Janice kissing Sophia's small breasts, the smug smile on Sophia's face and her hands on the back of Janice's head. A couple more pictures of Janice pleasuring my sister's tits had my cock ready to burst.

Her nipples were huge and stiff and seemed to call out for attention. I fished out my dick to liberate it from my tight jeans. Her look of insecurity returned as she spread her legs and looked down, not making eye contact with the camera. I had stared at lots of internet pictures of pussies, but somehow it was like I was seeing one for the first time. She had a light bush of red hair, apparently she was a natural redhead, which seemed to give shade to her long, asymmetrical pussy lips that stuck out just past her labia.

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