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Although the specific location of the Stepney Mount pest fields are unsure, it is thought that they were in the area surrounding St Philip's church.If true, this would have been one of the largest plague pits in London and would have covered acres of grounds.

Better known as an unconsecrated memorial to the thousands of prostitutes who lived, worked and died in Southwark, there is also evidence to suggest that Cross Bones was used as a plague pit.

it’s hardly surprising that the bubonic plague flourished in the crowded streets of London.

Over 15% of London’s population was wiped out between 16 alone, or some 100,000 people in the space of two years. The answer: in tens, if not hundreds of plague pits scattered across the city and the surrounding countryside.

Established in 1640 to provide additional burial space for nearby St Margaret's, part of the site was designated as a plague pit in 1665 and is now a public garden.

Also buried here is the Crown jewels thief, Colonel Thomas Blood, although he died somewhat later in 1680.

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