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In BDSM circles (and occasionally outside these circles as well), some people choose to roleplay rape scenes—with communication, consent and safety being especially crucial elements.

Though consent is a crucial component of any sexual roleplay, the illusion of non-consent (i.e.

A 1978 study by Moreault and Follingstad was consistent with this hypothesis, and found that women with high levels of sex guilt were more likely to report fantasy themed around being overpowered, dominated, and helpless.

Indien je akkoord gaat met het bovenstaande, klik dan op "AKKOORD" om verder te gaan naar de registratiepagina.The fantasy may involve the fantasist as either the one being forced into sex or being the perpetrator.A 1974 study by Hariton and Singer found that being "overpowered or forced to surrender" was the second most frequent fantasy in their survey; a 1984 study by Knafo and Jaffe ranked being overpowered as their study's most common fantasy during intercourse. Janda who is an associate professor of psychology at Old Dominion University The most frequently cited hypothesis for why women fantasize of being forced and coerced into some sexual activity is that the fantasy avoids societally induced guilt—the woman does not have to admit responsibility for her sexual desires and behavior.A rape fantasy (sometimes rape play) or a ravishment is a sexual fantasy involving imagining or pretending being coerced or coercing another into sexual activity.In sexual roleplay, it involves acting out roles of coercive sex.

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