Graduate assistanceship and dating and ethics

At Texas Law, our students become lawyers by representing real clients in real cases. They change their own lives by changing the lives of others.

Graduate students who hold assistantships may be required to provide their academic advisor with a written report of academic progress at the conclusion of the period for which the assistantship is awarded.

Students who hold graduate assistantships are discouraged from working more than 20 hours per week for more than one semester during the period of the assistantship.

A portion of any project may include minor clerical elements, but all projects should incorporate decision-making, judgment, analysis and evaluation skills.

Slightly different from everyone else would be a better way to phrase it. We had issues before when we hired her to help us pick interior colors but we're putting that aside.

The other thing is that the color on the printed paint chip isn't necessarily the color the paint turns out to be when it's brushed on the wall. Since she lives close, she knows this neighborhood and we walk past her house everyday.

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It provides advice for students on strategies for attaining academic and career success. All graduate students at UBC, both newly admitted and ongoing, will find the Graduate Game Plan highly useful. If possible, you should review the entire contents of the Graduate Game Plan before you begin your graduate study at UBC.

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