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To succeed, this pair need a good dose of giggles and laughter.

Gemini is governed by Mercury and Cancer by the Moon. Between the two, there can easily be misunderstandings.

Two Geminis together will take life by the horns and work through their problems together.

Take the marriage test today and know what to expect in 2018-2019! Gemini is such a fun and exciting zodiac sign that it’s literally impossible to get bored with Gemini around.Intelligent and open, Gemini knows exactly how to entertain their partners and will never fall into a boring routine. Born between May 21st and June 20th, Gemini is an Air sign, which is why they love their freedom so much. Are you a Gemini and want to know which zodiac signs you are compatible with?The star sign tells of how they act and have fun together. Venus is the sign of how a person gives and receives love. There are still many factors to take into account for a suitable marriage, but this is a start to get a good idea.(Click here for relationship tips)If you are not certain about marrying the person in question, then this marriage compatibility report will help you to get a very good idea of what to expect if you did get married or if you started to have a closer relationship. You will receive a free report on your relationship in accordance to Western astrology concepts.

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