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In the span of three years, I've gone from full activity to the church with callings, to 'taking a break,' to non believing ex-Mormon status.(I have not officially resigned yet, but plan to do so.) Shelf breaking The 'breaking of the shelf' is a term former Mormons use when they realize the church isn't true.I feel that if they-be it doctors, lawyers, cops and... "Sustaining leaders involves more than just a raised hand—it means that we stand behind them, pray for them, accept assignments and callings from them, hearken to their counsel, and refrain from criticizing them." Do you agree with it? #submittogod #livebyfaith #livewithconfidence To see my full-length article on this topic: https:...What if you know things that certain leaders have done that are wrong or unethical? The title is actually that of a book by Gary Lawrence, and LDS member, former bishop, and professional analyst.

Perhaps the biggest take away from his writing is that the LDS claim to be the one true church is meant to...

Is it morally or ethically permissible for anyone baptized in the church to set aside the gospel and conduct expected of Mormons so they can "keep" their career? Yet, there is a hell to shun, and a God to embrace.

I have seen this with a few cops I know, they said they set aside the church and church standards so they can keep their jobs. If we approach God with humility he will empower us to live with confidence and faith.

In this post, I hope to explain my transition, plus I have a few messages for those I've followed over the years. As I worked to reconcile being a believing member of the church with my attraction to men, I befriended (via email) Dad's Primal Scream. I read, dissected, and pondered all his blog posts.

My negativity for the church and its practices has slowly increased.

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